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Classes 01 – 07:                   1st – £5.00, 2nd – £3.00, 3rd – £1.00oil_paint

Classes 08 – 09:                   1st – £3.00, 2nd – £2.00, 3rd – £1.00


Class 01                                    Animals in/near the Water Margins – salt water

Class 02                                    Animals in/near the Water Margins – fresh water

Class 03                                    Bugs and other insects

Class 04                                    Arachnophobia!

Class 05                                    Birds of a feather

Class 06                                    Working animals

Class 07                                    Native wildlife

Under 18s only

Class 08                                    My best friend (pets)

Class 09                                    Animal farm


Additional Rules and Guidance Notes

  1. Exhibits must not have been entered in this Show previously
  2. Art work can be produced in the following media; pencil, charcoal, pen, mixed media, pastels, paint of any sort, collage or computer generated graphics
  3. All work must be presented professionally in a two dimensional form. This can be on canvas or in a frame with or without an internal mount. Unframed work MUST be mounted. Due to limited space, the work must not exceed 60 cm x 42 cm framed or mounted. All framed work must have a picture hook attached to enable hanging.
  4. All exhibits must be clearly marked on the back showing the name of exhibitor and the class for which they have entered.
  5. In addition there will be 1 trophy awarded. See Awards page.
  6. Exhibits to be delivered to the section organiser prior to Show Day, otherwise on Show Day before 9.00 am in the Horticultural tent
  7. Exhibits to be collected between 5.00 and 5.30 pm on Show Day. Any remaining will be kept by the organiser for 1 week
  8. If the exhibit is to be sold, please clearly mark ‘For Sale’.


Section Organisers:

Lynne & Dennis O’Dea, 21 Manor Road, Kings Bromley, DE13 7HZ

Tel: 01543 473161         Email:

Judge:   Christine Taylor, Member of the Lichfield Society of Artists

Entry Fees:               £0.50 per entry (under 18s free)


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