Kings Bromley Show welcomes the incredible Pedal Power v Parkour:

  • “Pedal Power vs Parkour  is the only show of its kind in the UK. The display combines the incredible skill, balance and power of a trials rider and the finesse of a gymnast / parkour athlete. Both athletes will be putting it all on the line in an attempt to become the crowds’ favourite!
  • Their act has been specially designed so that both styles of extreme sport can be showcased in an exciting, heart stopping performance. You can expect both athletes to perform all of the latest tricks you have only ever seen on the internet and on TV, pushing the limits of what’s physically possible in their attempt to win over the crowd!
  • Not only will the parkour athlete be able to jump around on all of the high platforms including the roof of the van but he’ll also be able to take advantage of a number of trampolines that are placed around the arena. Some would say this is the most impressive part of the show, the huge double front flips and double backflips are mightily impressive, he’s also been known to front flip over the trials rider when he’s in action.
  • In an attempt to take all the glory the trials rider will also venture onto the trampoline, he’s the only stunt cyclist in the world performing tricks on a trampoline and if he ‘nails’ his move he’s sure to win the crowd over.

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