Kings Bromley Show Society

The Society is a long standing organisation associated with horticulture, home industries and country pursuits in the Kings Bromley district.

Although a predecessor Society (the Horticultural & Floral Society) had been formed in 1882 and had held a number of Shows, some in conjunction with the neighbouring village of Elmhurst, that Society was wound up in 1899 and its residual funds donated to the Church clock appeal.

The poster below dates from 1889. The Show was open from 2 until 8 pm and admission fees were on a sliding scale according to the time of arrival: 1s (5p) from 2 until 4 pm; 6d (2 1/2p) from 4 until 7 pm; only 3d for the last hour from 7 until 8.


(Reproduced by kind permission of Kings Bromley Historians)
The present Society was formed in 1919 as the Kings Bromley Horticultural Society with the words ‘and District’ added to its title in 1933 so as to include such areas as the Ridwares and Armitage.

Naturally over such a long period both the size and level of activity of the Society have varied but one event, the Annual Summer Show, has continued throughout as the main activity of the Society. By contrast, during the 1990’s, some other shows in the county were discontinued through the lack of sufficient involvement of members to organise the event.

The Society now uses the name Kings Bromley Show Society. It is shorter, gets to the point and as it has nothing to do with horticulture (except on Show Day), it saves people from thinking that it is only for gardeners!

The Show Field

The Society takes the ownership of its Show Field very seriously, and work is constantly in progress to maintain this open space for enjoyment by the whole community. The Cricket Club, Football Club, Youth Group and The Richard Crosse Church of England School all use the field on a regular basis. Whenever possible the Society makes the field available to others.

Go to the Hire of Society Field & Equipment page on this website for details of how to hire the field. Caravan rallies have provided some very necessary income over recent years; enabling us to continue to fund our work and others to enjoy the pleasures of our village and surrounding area.

The present Show Field was made up of two separate purchases of land. The basis was formed by 4 acres, 1 rood and 20 perches bought by three Trustees of the Society from farmer John Hill in 1932. To repay these Trustees, many small amounts of money were formally loaned to the Society by villagers, all of which loans were subsequently repaid in full.

Loan Slip 1933

The second purchase of 7,433 square yards from Clifford White took place in 1945. The whole is fully owned by the Society, and is held in Trust for the benefit and use of the Society by its Trustees of the time.

Enriching the community

Helping the community and enriching village life have always been among the Society’s aims. On the Show Field, benches have been installed, public footpath stiles have been replaced by kissing gates and now one has been adapted to allow access for pushchairs/bicycles and native species of trees have been planted some of which have been dedicated to the memory of committed Society Members.

New oak gates were installed and engraved to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and spring bulbs planted. The regular cutting of the grass and maintenance of shrubs and trees provide an environment which all can enjoy.

The field contains a full size football pitch which is the home ground for Whittington Football Clubs under 21’s, under 16’s and under 15’s Athletico teams, The Kings Bromley Swifts Football Club having ceased. There is also a smaller pitch which is used by the local school and goals have been provided for the enjoyment of all the youngsters of the village.

A Theatre Group was started in 2001, which became so successful that it is now an independent organization. Other projects undertaken in recent years include the provision of a pictorial Parish map displayed outside the Village Hall (click here for details and to buy copies); the planting of daffodil bulbs in the verges alongside the Show Field; and the production of four leaflets describing walks around the Parish (click here for details). The Society has provided funding for a dog-waste bin in Vicarage Lane, another in Crawley Lane and a litter bin in the nearest lay-by to assist in maintaining the village as a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.

Supporting other village organizations

The Society provides an opportunity for them all to raise funds for themselves by playing a part in the Show. Financial help in the form of grants and/or loans has been provided in a number of cases and the Bowling Club, Credo Club, Church, Cricket Club, Flower Festival, Historians, Nursing Home Fundraisers, Open Gardens, Parish Council, Pre-school Group, Snooker Club, Swifts Football Club, Village Hall, and the Village Millennium Committee, are just some of those who have benefited over the years.

Substantial donations have also been made to the Parish Council towards the repair and replacement of village display cases and noticeboards; to the Cricket Club for the purchase of equipment and coach training to encourage the formation of youth teams; to the Historians towards the materials used in the construction of their Village Archive. The Society has also funded Open Gardens Weekends, so that all money raised could be donated to their chosen charity.


If you are not already a Member and would like to support the Society please contact the Membership Secretary on 01543 472407 or email A membership fee of just £6 (Jan to Dec) gives free Show admission for 1 adult and 1 child, opportunities to make comments and suggestions on the running of the Society and Show, a quarterly Newsletter, attendance at the AGM, and the satisfaction of helping to maintain a valued Kings Bromley tradition.

Please help to ensure the future of the Society and its Show.

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