Anyone can become a member of the Show Society – you don’t have to live in the village.

Helen Price

Membership only costs £6.00 per year and contributes greatly to the running of the traditional and much valued Annual Show – which is enjoyed by villagers and visitors alike.

The Society is nearly 100 years old and one of its aims is to enrich village life by undertaking community projects and helping other village organisations through financial grants.

The largest open space in the village is the Society’s Show Field which it owns and maintains and to which it gives free access for all to enjoy.

The Society makes full use of the income it receives from Membership and the Annual Show, supporting local causes and charities.

As a thank you for becoming a member, ENTRY TO THE ANNUAL SHOW IS FREE for the member and a under 16 year old too.

Members also receive a newsletter and can attend the AGM where they can vote on issues as well as make comments/suggestions on the running of the Society and Show.  Once the formal meeting is finished members can also enjoy a cheese & wine supper.

JOINING COULD NOT BE EASIER, please click here to email subscriptions secretary David Brown.