2019 Show Award Winners


Nat West Bank Tray Best Art exhibit in section – any media (Classes 1-9) Debbie Coburn


Mrs H Prince Cup Highest points in Cookery section – female (Classes 61 – 68) Sue Gidman
Mrs Gilmour Posy Bowl Winner of Under 18s Cookery class (Classes 69 & 70) Alexandra Dennis
Robert Gilmour Rose Bowl Winner of Men’s Cookery class – male (Class 61 – 68) Marcus Simmons


F Baskerville Cup Best exhibit in Crafts section (Classes 81, 82 & 83) Claudine Beddows
Mrs Dorothy Barnes Trophy  Best exhibit in Crafts section (Classes 86, 87 & 88) Isla Sanders
Ivy & David Butcher Trophy Winner (Class 81) Georgie Wildgoose
W.Osbourne Senior Cup Best exhibit in section (Classes 84 & 85) Vance Upton


Mrs Sarah Cliffe Rosebowl Highest points in section (Class 101) Janet Armshaw
Mrs Biddy Cliffe Salver Highest points in section (Class 102) Vanessa Hunter
Blackmore Basket Winner (Class 103) Ellie Knight
Deacon Cup Best exhibit overall (Classes 101, 102 & 103) Vanessa Hunter


Brook Cup Winner (Class 121) Sophia Fry
Harry Garland Cup Highest points (Classes 122, 124 & 128) Taroni Banton
Rachel Salt Memorial Trophy Highest points (Classes 122 – 129) Sarah Bax
Philip Lowe Cup Highest points (Classes 123, 125 & 129) Sarah Bax


Bernard Allen Trophy Winner – Best Kept Summer Garden (Class 220) Lynne & Dennis O’dea
Charles Heeley Cup Winner – Sweet Peas (Class 141) No Award Made
F L Bennett Challenge Cup Highest points – Flower classes (excl Class 141) Brian Storer
George Manners Trophy Highest points – Bean classes (Classes 181 – 183) Brian Storer
Jim Fox Cup Highest points – overall   (Classes 141 – 192) Brian Storer
Midland Car Club Cup Highest points – Vegetable (Classes 173 – 192) Brian Storer
Mrs B Baskerville Trophy Highest points – Under 18s Horticultural (Classes 200 – 205) Jessica Dulson
Mrs Edmund Corn Cup Winner – Best Kept Front Garden (Class 220) Jenny Steve Ludlow
Captain Furniss Cup Winner – Best Kept Communal Summer Garden (Class 221) KB Care Home
Society’s Senior Citizen’s Cup Winner – Senior Citizen’s Horticultural (Class 170) Brian Storer
Society’s Flower Cup Best exhibit in Flower classes Megan Emmerson
Society’s Garden Cup Novice winner – Best Kept Summer Garden (Class 220) Jonathon Nason


Frost Carpets Candelabra Best exhibit in Photography section (Classes 11 – 20) Trevor Stevenson


Mr & Mrs C Jarman Trophy Awarded at Judge’s discretion Steven Fell


George Myatt Plate Awarded at  Committee’s discretion Sue Willmore
Ivy Butcher Trophy Awarded at Committee’s discretion to a child under 12 years of age (any category) Amelia Shilton