General Fete Rules

  1. The Kings Bromley Show Society will accept no liability for loss, damage or accident that may occur at the Show other than by their own negligence; and will entertain no claims for anything that may happen to exhibitors, their assistants, or property in connection with or arising from the Fête
  2. The Organisers reserve the right to alter, withdraw or otherwise amend the Schedule as deemed necessary.
  3. Entries: Entry forms must be received by Section Organisers by 12 noon on the Friday immediately before the day of the Fête.
  4. Exhibitors may make multiple entries in classes (except Horticultural) but only one prize will be given to an exhibitor in any one class.
  5. Exhibits: Staging can be undertaken on the Friday afternoon prior to event day. Also between 8am and 10am on the day of the Fête unless stated differently in the individual section Rules/Notes. If in any doubt please contact the named Section Organiser.
  6. Each Exhibitor is responsible for placing the official entry card on each exhibit, and shall be responsible for placing their exhibit on the show bench under the direction of a Steward.
  7. No Exhibitor shall interfere with or move an exhibit not their own. Should this be necessary, it is to be undertaken by a Steward.
  8. Exhibits may not be removed until 4.00pm and should be cleared by 4.30pm. No responsibility will be taken for items not collected by 4.30pm unless a special arrangement has been made with the Section Organiser.
  9.  Judging: No person except those officially engaged shall be allowed to enter the Hall or marquee during judging from 10am to 12noon.
  10. Judges shall have the right to withhold prizes and awards if the exhibits are not considered to be of sufficient merit.
  11. Objections: To any entry or against any Exhibitor, must be made to the Section Organiser or the Society’s Secretary before 2pm on Fête Day, with a £5 deposit, to be forfeited if the objection is found to be frivolous.
  12. Any prize in dispute shall be withheld until a decision is given by at least three members of the General Committee.
  13. Prize Money: Will be paid in the Hall or marquee at 4.00pm.
  14. Items Not Covered: Any questions or matters not provided for by these Rules shall be decided by a majority of the General Committee.