Welcome to the Kings Bromley Autumn Fete


Hello to everyone.  It is a great pleasure to pen a few words for this introduction in what I hope is a world which is returning to some form of normality for most of us.

It’s been a tough time for the Kings Bromley Horticultural Society and the village community in both 2020 and 2021.  The Society have had to meet significant costs over the last two years with zero income.  Our Show field is there for everyone to use for play, exercise, dog walking and more.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure I can announce that the Show Committee, that band of stalwart volunteers, have decided to mount a fight back (to say nothing of a bit of a comeback) and organise this Autumn Fête for  Saturday 10th September 2022 at the Village Hall, 12 noon – 4pm

A smaller event at the Village Hall allows us to deal with the Covid-secure requirements to keep everyone safe, which would have been an enormous challenge, if not well nigh impossible, if we had tried to mount a full blown show in July.

We intend to make it  a relaxed, light-hearted event.  Competitive entries will not be judged by professionals, but by village ‘experts’ instead.  I have no doubt they  may well prove to be equally demanding!  From 4pm onwards, there will be a BBQ at the Royal Oak, the proceeds of which will be part of the fund raising, followed by live music.

Our grateful thanks go to local company Allports Group who have very kindly agreed to sponsor this event.  Their support is very welcome and much appreciated.

Please do come along on the day and bring your family and friends.  Why not enter one of the competitive classes – just for the sheer fun of it.  It’s only 50p to enter a class and under 18’s can enter for free. Perhaps you developed or enhanced skills during the numerous lock downs.  Well, now is the time to show them off.  No excuses!  Join in!

 Look out for more details on kingsbromleyshow.co.uk and on our Kings Bromley Show Facebook page and Kings Bromley Mutterings.

Paul Bowns, President

A  date for your diary. The Kings Bromley Autumn Fete, organised by the Show Society, will take place on Saturday 10th September at the Village Hall 12 noon – 4pm.  Come along to support this village event which is a fund raiser for the Society. Competitive classes. traditional games, light refreshments. A fun, relaxed social afternoon.
Competitive Classes – please note that this list is for guidance only as of March 2022. This is the schedule from 2021 and classes and prizes may be subject to change.


Theme: Seasons

This is a low key event & judging will be done by a local person

Prize Money

All Classes:                         1st – £5.00  2nd and 3rd place Certificates

Class 01                              Spring

Class 02                              Summer

Class 03                              Autumn

Class 04                              Winter

 Under 18s only

Class 08                              For 12 – 18 years of age – any of Classes 01-04

Class 09                              For age 11 and under – any of Classes 01-04

  Additional Rules and Guidance Notes

  1. Exhibits must not have been entered in any previous Kings Bromley Show.
  2. Art work can be produced in the following media; pencil, charcoal, pen, mixed media, pastels, paint of any sort, collage or computer generated graphics.
  3. Canvases can be presented in a frame with or without an internal mount. Unframed  work MUST be mounted.  Due to limited space, the work must not exceed 60 cm x 42 cm framed or mounted.  All framed work must have a picture hook attached to enable hanging.
  4. All exhibits must be clearly marked on the back showing the name of exhibitor and the class for which they have entered.
  5. Preferably all exhibits to be delivered to the section organiser prior to the event or before 9.00am latest (to the Village Hall) on the day.
  6. Exhibits to be collected from 4pm – 4.30pm on the day. Any remaining will be kept by the organiser for 1 week.
  7. If the exhibit is to be sold, please clearly mark ‘For Sale’.

Section Organisers:

Lynne & Dennis O’Dea, 21 Manor Road, Kings Bromley, DE13  7HZ

Tel: 01543 473161           Email:  lynneodea@hotmail.com

Judge:   A local villager

Entry Fees:          £0.50p per entry (under 18s free)


Theme: Seasons

This is a low key event & judging will be done by a local person

Prize Money                     1st – £5.00, 2nd and 3rd places Certificates

Class 11                              Spring

Class 12                              Summer

Class 13                              Autumn

Class 14                              Winter

 Under 18s Only

Class 18                              For 12 – 18 years of age – any of Classes 11-14

Class 19                              For ages 11 and under – any of Classes 11-14

NB:  monochrome photography will be welcome in all classes

Additional Rules & Guidance Notes – Please read carefully

  1. The themes are open to personal interpretation.
  2. Images CAN be entered if they have been digitally enhanced by removing spots, scratches & blemishes or having the colour or images enhanced for the sake of the composition.
  3. Images CANNOT be entered if they have been digitally enhanced by stitching 2 or more photos together to make one image or superimposing elements photographed separately onto one image.
  4. Exhibits must not have been entered previously.
  5. A maximum of 2 photographs may be entered in each section.
  6. Mount must be 10”x8” (25cm x 20cm) with the photograph being any size or shape within that limit.
  7. All exhibits to be clearly marked on the back with the exhibitor’s name and the class number for which they are entered.
  8. Preferably all exhibits to be delivered to the section organiser prior to the event or before 9.00am latest (to the Village Hall) on the day of the event.
  9. Exhibits to be collected from 4.00pm – 4.30pm on the day. Any remaining will be kept by the organiser for one week only.

 Section Organisers:        

Lynne & Dennis O’Dea, 21 Manor Road, Kings Bromley, DE13 7HZ

Tel: 01543 473161           Email: lynneodea@hotmail.com

Judge:    A local villager

Entry Fees:          £0.50p per entry (under 18’s Free)


Prize Money

All Classes:                         1st – £5.00, 2nd and 3rd places Certificates only

Class 61                              Victoria Sponge – *Must use recipe provided below*

Class 62                              Traditional Tea Loaf – Please provide the recipe

Class 63                              Apple Pie – Pastry top and bottom

Under 16 Only

Class 64   UNDER 16s      6 Cheese Scones

Class 65   UNDER 9s        6 Gingerbread men

*All in One Victoria Sponge Recipe*


4 Eggs                                 225g Caster sugar

225g Self-raising flour     225g Butter

2 tsp Baking powder        Raspberry jam


  1. Heat oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4. Grease/line 2 x 20cm/8” cake tins.
  2. Place all ingredients in bowl & mix together. The finished mix should fall off a    spoon easily.
  3. Divide the mix between the tins & bake for 25 mins. Check at 20 mins.
  4. Take the cakes out of tins and let them cool.
  5. When cool spread raspberry jam over one side & assemble.
  6. Sprinkle with caster or icing sugar to finish.


Additional Rules and Guidance Notes

  1. All entries to be presented on a plate or other appropriate dish
  2. All items to be covered with a clear covering.

Section Organiser:

Lynne Russell, 22 Leofric Close, Kings Bromley, DE13 7JP

Tel: 07990 530067            Email: lynnerussell2010@hotmail.co.uk

Judge:                  A local villager

Entry fees:          £0.50p per entry (under 16s Free)

Arts/Crafts/Wood Work

Prize Money

All Classes:                        1st – £5.00  2nd – £3.00   3rd – £1.00

Class 81               A stitched item – e.g. cross-                       stitch,embroidery,patchwork,quilting

Class 82               Recycled Artwork – all materials must come from a recycled source

Class 83               Any knitted or crotched item

Class 84               Wood Work – e.g. carving, turned or craft item


Under 18s only

Class 86               Clay – artwork must include using some kind of clay as a medium

Class 87               Recycled Artwork – all materials must come from a recycled source. 

Additional Rules and Guidance Notes

  1. No article of clothing to have been worn or washed
  2. If the exhibit is to be sold, please clearly mark ‘For Sale’ with price
  3. Exhibits must not have been entered in a Kings Bromley Show before.

Section Organiser: 

Yvonne Sheldon, 22 Bradbury Lane Kings Bromley  DE13  7JT

Tel: 07774 937306              Email:  yvonne_pete@yahoo.co.uk

 Judge/s:  A local villager             

Entry Fee:           £0.50 per entry (under 18’s free)


Prize Money all Classes:     1st – £5.00, 2nd and 3rd places Certificates only

 For All Classes  please read  Additional Rules & Guidance Notes


Class 145             Dahlia – 3 stems of different varieties

Class 146             Perennials – 3 of a kind

Class 148             Pelargonium – 1 regal

Class 149             Pelargonium – 1 of any kind other than regal

Class 150             House Plant – 1 of any kind

Class 154             Collection of 3 Pot Plants

Class 156             Garden Flowers – 1 vase of mixed flowers


 Class 160             Any soft fruits – 6 with stalks

Class 162             Apples – 4 eating apples of similar size

Class 163             Apples – 3 cooking apples, any variety

Class 164             Pears – 4 of similar size


 Class 171             Collection of Vegetables – any 4 from the classes below

Class 175             Carrots – 3

Class 177             Onions – 3 dressed

Class 182             Runner Beans– 8 pods

Class 183             French Beans– 8 pods

Class 184             Cabbages – 2 pointed or 2 round

Class 185             Tomatoes – 5 fruits

Class 186             Cherry Tomatoes – 10 fruits

Class 188             Vegetable Marrow

Class 190             Collection of Herbs – 4 kinds in water, labelled with names

Class 191             Leeks – 2

Class 192             Beetroot – 3 of a similar size


Class 202             Pressed Flowers – arranged on an A5 page

Class 203             Vegimal – made from fruit or vegetable

Class 204             Miniature Fairy Dell Garden – no bigger than 12”x 12”                            (30 x 30cm)

Additional Entry Rules for Horticultural Section

  1. Only one entry in each class per exhibitor will be allowed
  2. Where there is only 1 entry in a class no prize will be awarded.
  3. There will be a cash prize and certificate for 1st prize. 2Nd & 3rd places will be awarded certificates only.
  4. Entry must be presented by 10.00am on the day of the event. The Village Hall will open from 8.00am. Entry forms must have been received by 1.00pm on Friday 17thSept.
  5. Each exhibitor must place their exhibit on the table by the correct class number.
  6. No exhibitor may move or interfere with someone else’s exhibit with the exception of the steward.
  7. Entries must be collected after the event no earlier than 4pm
  8. The Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibits. However, we will try to reduce the risk of this occurring.
  9. The Judges decision is final.

Section Organiser:

Janet Woolley, 24 Alrewas Road, Kings Bromley, DE13 7HW

Tel: 01543 472812     Email: jdstubbings@hotmail.com

Judges:      A local villager    

Entry Fees:          £0.50p per entry (under 18’s Free)

General Fete Rules

  1. The Kings Bromley Show Society will accept no liability for loss, damage or accident that may occur at the Show other than by their own negligence; and will entertain no claims for anything that may happen to exhibitors, their assistants, or property in connection with or arising from the Fête
  2. The Organisers reserve the right to alter, withdraw or otherwise amend the Schedule as deemed necessary.
  3. 3. Entries: Entry forms must be received by Section Organisers by 12 noon on the Friday immediately before the day of the Fête.
  4. Exhibitors may make multiple entries in classes (except Horticultural) but only one prize will be given to an exhibitor in any one class.
  5. Exhibits: Staging can be undertaken on the Friday afternoon prior to event day. Also between 8am and 10am on the day of the Fête unless stated differently in the individual section Rules/Notes. If in any doubt please contact the named Section Organiser.
  6. Each Exhibitor is responsible for placing the official entry card on each exhibit, and shall be responsible for placing their exhibit on the show bench under the direction of a Steward.
  7. No Exhibitor shall interfere with or move an exhibit not their own. Should this be necessary, it is to be undertaken by a Steward.
  8. Exhibits may not be removed until 4.00pm and should be cleared by 4.30pm. No responsibility will be taken for items not collected by 4.30pm unless a special arrangement has been made with the Section Organiser.
  9.  Judging: No person except those officially engaged shall be allowed to enter the Hall or marquee during judging from 10am to 12noon.
  10. Judges shall have the right to withhold prizes and awards if the exhibits are not considered to be of sufficient merit.
  11. Objections: To any entry or against any Exhibitor, must be made to the Section Organiser or the Society’s Secretary before 2pm on Fête Day, with a £5 deposit, to be forfeited if the objection is found to be frivolous.
  12. Any prize in dispute shall be withheld until a decision is given by at least three members of the General Committee.
  13. Prize Money: Will be paid in the Hall or marquee at 4.00pm.
  14. Items Not Covered: Any questions or matters not provided for by these Rules shall be decided by a majority of the General Committee.